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Avior Group consists of highly qualified staff with extensive experience in offshore and maritime industry. The company was founded in 1999 and located in Grimstad, Norway.

Avior Group deliver personnel to the offshore and maritime industry. We have also good references from on shore projects within oil & gas..

We deliver complete Management Solutions for Cranes and lifting appliances, and has special expertise in planning and execution of rigging and lifting operations. This include Material Handling and activities related to transportation of objects on board. This include also Dropped object inspections.

Material handling plans for Vessel and Rig owners included.

All of our staff have relevant management experience in different area. Our staff are constantly coursed and certified in accordance with current regulations.

Vision: Avior Group create the best solutions for the future.


  • We are committed and flexible
  • We have expertise
  • We have the knowledge
  • We are innovative