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Rig / FPSO / FSO / FSU Operations / Towing / AH / Consultans

Rig move data for the oil rig and location will be reviewed and an assessment is made of the suitability of the rig at the proposed location. Suitability surveys of the rig and towing vessels will be carried out. A towage certificate of approval is issued for the rig move once preparations have been completed and the rig is ready to start the tow.

The Tow Master attends onboard during the rig move and will monitor jacking, transit, pre-load or anchoring from departure until the rig is safely installed at the new location. Rig Movers, Master Mariners, OCM’s and engineers have the expertise to ensure operations are conducted safely. Our personnel have a high level of experience from deep water operations with both fiber ropes and chains.


A range of pre-hire inspections, audits and suitability surveys on a wide range of offshore vessels are carried out. The nature of the survey may include oil company standard audits or specialists surveys to confirm that the vessel is suitable for the intended job and work to be performed. The surveyor will confirm that the vessel is fit for the intended purpose and may make recommendations to the client if necessary.

Marine Advisors

Our surveyors have a wealth of experience in many aspects of marine operations and can offer 3rd party independent advice on similar operations and methodology to produce the best results while keeping risk to acceptable levels. This experience is invaluable when unusual operations or alternative solutions are required.

Witnessing Trials and Tests

At many stages of a project, equipment must be tested and shown to be functioning as required. Our surveyors are regularly called upon to provide independent verification by witnessing these trials and tests. Examples include propulsion tests, lifting, winch tests, bollard pull and jacking trials.

Transport & Installation Approvals

Inspections of seafastening arrangements, Loadout, transportation and installation approvals may be prepared or reviewed for all aspects of the installation operation. Surveyors will ensure that the operation is conducted as planned and in accordance with the agreed procedures. Our Surveyors have a high level of experience in these operations and will help to ensure everything proceeds smoothly.

Preparation of Operational Procedures

Our surveyors are experienced in preparing and reviewing offshore procedures for marine operations. This may include reviewing or making recommendations on the type of equipment to be used, proposed methods, limiting operational conditions, crane rigging capacity, winch capacity and proposed contingency measures for each operation. This work is performed by structural engineers, marine surveyors and Master Mariners with many years’ experience in developing, reviewing and carrying out these operations. Typical operation procedures: Installation included riser and UMB pull in, towing and anchorhandling including “change out” anchor chain’s


  • Tow Masters / Mooring Masters ( Turret and spread Mooring experience )
  • OCM’s
  • Hydraulic Operators
  • Winch / Crane Operators
  • Riggers
  • Marine Warranty Surveyors