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Avior offshore AS: The service engineers is now updated in the Cralog system and certified for annual and 5yearly inspections on Life-Rescue boat, davit and crane, all makers.
Now we are prepared for all kind of service and certification on  Life-Rescue boat, davit and cranes, all makers worldwide.

Avior Offshore AS has performed an initial inspection and startup of a Gantry Crane on a Norwegian vessel, on the southern coast of Norway

Avior Offshore AS Performed test of necessary slewing torque on a manual Liferaft crane last week. Torque values well within Class requirements.

Avior Offshore have carried out annual control of cranes and loos lifting gear on a vessel in Tallinn

Avior Offshore had personnel to assist mobilization on a vessel on quay / Offshore

Avior Offshore completed installation of a new main hydraulic pump and control system for all fishing gear on a local fishing boat.

Avior Offshore has now got an agreement with client for a G5 offshore crane operator.

Avior Offshore completed Service and Certification work on eight cranes on two vessels in Rauma Finland.

Avior Offshore with equipment rental pool for 1 pcs 5Ton waterbag and 1 pcs 10Ton waterbag.

Avior Offshore scaffolding job including handling and lifting about 2 weeks work.

Avior Offshore with approved and experienced personnel for bolt torque.

Avior Offshore can offer personnel and Torque Tools for all kind bolt torqueing.

Avior Offshore has now had 2 x 7,5meters rescue boats in the workshop for overhaul of the water jet as well as motor service


Avior Group  agreed in LOI with Sevan Marine

Avior Offshore with a renewal of LOI with Nexans

Avior Axess  agreed in LOI with Teekay

Avior Group with a renewal of LOI with BWO

Avior Group with major survey contract. World wide..

Avior Axess agreed in LOI with Atlas

Avior Group agreed in LOI with Nettpartner

Avior Elektro agreed in LOI with Saint Gobain

Avior Group with a renewal of LOI with IKM



  • Nexans, Cable lay projects
  • Instalit, Cable lay projects
  • Teekay, Arendal Spirit , Eydehavn
  • Towmasters, Africa / Brazil
  • Rig Move, Warranty Surveyors, UK / Norwegian sector
  • Survey, Bluewater Shipping
  • Project management of Crane Modification, Finland / Estland.
  • Crane operators/Crane Tech, North Sea
  • Military transportation, Survey. Europe – Middle East
  • Anchor Handling / Pre lay x 5. North Sea
  • Marine Crew flotel lay up and preservation
  • Yearly / 5 yearly inspection, service and certification of lifeboats / davits
  • Electro work on various rigs
  • Training of presonnel, lifeboats / mob boat
  • Electro work onshore, industry / houses