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Avior Group has acquired all stocks and are now the sole owner of Avior Axess AS and Safemar AS. Avior Group has also bought 34% of the company CoHub AS which is an interesting entrepreneur/student company established in our building.

The Avior Group are now positioned to further strengthen our network of highly qualified personell which will make us deliver even better products and services.



Avior Group  agreed in LOI with Seatouch

Avior Offshore with a renewal of LOI with Nexans

Avior Group with a renewal of LOI with BWO

Avior Group and Red Rock agreed with a LOI for the Middle East

Avior Group and Castor Drilling Solution with a LOI for the Middle East

Avior Kompetanse agreed of Joint Venure with Safemar in Grimstad.

Avior Group with major survey contract. World wide..

Avior Axess agreed in LOI with Atlas

Avior Axess agreed in LOI with Eaton

Avior Axess agreed in LOI with Caverion Norway

Avior Group agreed in LOI with Nettpartner

Avior Axess agreed in LOI with Saint Gobain



  • Bumi Armada – Kraken project Towing/Hook Up
  • Nexans, Cable lay projects
  • Instalit, Cable lat projects
  • Personnel for Atlas/Lundin
  • Eaton, Service Engineers
  • BWO, Africa project
  • Rig Move, Warranty Surveyors, UK / Norwegian sector
  • Vessel below 15m certification
  • Survey, Bluewater
  • Project management of Crane Modification, Finnland / Estland.
  • Personnel for Nymo, Eydehavn + Vikkilen. Johan Sverdrup project
  • Crane operators/Crane Tech, North Sea
  • Sevan Marine. Anchor line change out
  • Demobilisation &Mobilization Siem Aquamarine
  • Dredging project, Iran
  • Chain inspection, UK sector
  • Military transportation, Survey. Gotenborg – Middle East
  • Anchor Handling / Pre lay x 5. North Sea
  • Marine Crew PSV lay up
  • Tow Master, Gina Krogh “Randgrid”
  • Yearly / 5 yearly inspection, service and certification of lifeboats / davits