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Safety Culture assessment

Assessment of the safety culture in a company and the management’s role in relation to it.

Focus areas:

Management’s acceptance level in relation to compliance with the company’s policy and management systems.

A good reporting systems and ability to follow up and learn from experience.

Dialogue and critical reflection on own practices, willing to share and further develop HSE knowledge, and respect of each other’s expertise.

Ability to spot danger signals. Accidents are usually complex events which involve the failure of several barriers, important that the organization promote to use one’s imagination and develop the ability to see unfamiliar relationships and new sequences of events to predict and prevent incidents.

Safety officer/coach/advisor

On-site personnel coaching the crew and management in:

  • Support to develop a good HSE culture.
  • Support and provide training of personnel to make sure organization functions and business activities are in line with HSE objectives and requirements, and complied with.
  • Support changes, implementation and follow up of HSE plans and activities.
  • Ensure the systematic HSE activities are planned, executed and documented.
  • Drive/support the systematic HSE activities and ensure the quality of the HSE activities.
  • Ensure that HSE is prioritized, planned and implemented on an equal basis with other activities.
  • Participate and follow up of inspections/audits.
  • Support management and staff with professional advice, as well as improvements and learning activities.
  • Support HSE meetings.
  • Support/drive the HSE reporting system and ensure quality and feedback.
  • Implementation of observation technique training including risk understanding and barrier/multi barrier understanding.
  • Identification, mitigation and reporting of hazardous conditions and working practices.
  • Support implementation of KPI and follow up
  • Drive/support Incident Investigations and Root Cause Analysis

Internal Control Officer (ICO)

Increase HSE awareness in the operation through verification of process/system implementation